I said that we’re done with the interior design, but we are unfortunately not done with the yawning. In this chapter, God lays out the priestly dress code with an exactitude that borders on the obsessed.

Part of the outfit includes alternating bells and pomegranates around the skirts of the robe that are very important because otherwise the priest might accidentally sneak up on God and then God might flip out and kill him before realizing who he was (Exod. 28:24-5).

Exodus 28

It’s also important that all the priests wear special linen breeches whenever they enter the tent or come near the altar, “lest they bring guilt upon themselves and die” (Exod. 28:42-3). I’m not really sure what the implication here is, but it seems that the priests have, up until this point, been in the happen of “going commando,” and that this causes them to “bring guilt upon themselves.” I guess that the cherub motifs are a bit racier than the account had led me to believe.

You can see what the total outfit would have looked like in this posts’s image, helpfully supplied by Tree Of Life.

In Exodus 28, we also get a mention of Urim and Thummim, names that sounded very familiar. Sure enough, these are the stones that Joseph Smith supposedly used to translate the Book of Mormon. Here, however, they are stones used on the high priest’s breastplate and, apparently, are used to turn Aaron into a sort of representative before God of the entire Jewish people, so that he “shall bear the judgement of the people of Israel upon his heart before the Lord continually” (Exod. 28:30). According to Wikipedia, these stones were also associated with divination.

One thing I’ve been curious about in all of this is where the Hebrews are getting all the materials for this stuff. They’ve run out of food and have been eating nothing but manna since Exodus 16, yet they’re still carrying around enough gold and bronze and goat hair and linen of many colours to put all this stuff together? Am I the only one wondering if they should have packed a bit more strategically?

Good news! I’ve peeked ahead and it looks like we just have one more of these chapters before we get to plunge back into the ordinances! (Uuuuuuugh…)