If you remember, collecting the materials for God’s little building project is a “freewill offering” (Exod. 36:3) to be collected from “every man whose heart makes him willing” (Exod. 25:2), and Moses has no trouble whatsoever getting all the stuff together.

Exodus36In fact, the Hebrews are so excited about God’s Extreme Makeover: Tabernacle Edition (h/t: David Plotz for that joke) that they just keep bringing stuff, way more stuff than could actually be used on this project. In a move the Vatican might learn from, Moses says to his people: “Let neither man nor woman do anything more for the offering for the sanctuary” (Exod. 36:6). A “thank you” would have been good, but I’m just glad that he didn’t threaten to kill anyone who tries to give him more linen or gold earrings.

After that, we just get a really long description of Bezalel and Oholiab working (though, for some reason, the text completely neglects to make a joke about Bezalel using his BeDazzler, but whatever).