I disappeared for a year and came back to find a brand-spanking new (to me) “reading the Bible” blog! I’m so happy to see others – particularly skeptics/atheists – doing the same thing. Though maybe it’s something of a “misery loves company” thing!

A Skeptic’s Journey Through The Bible

So far, I’ve only skimmed the blog and read a handful of posts in detail, but I’m adding it to my list of sites that I consult as I write my own posts. I’m sure that I’ll be linking over there quite a bit going forward.

I do feel that the author relies a bit too heavily on the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, and I find that s/he asks good questions but doesn’t seem to follow through and try to find answers. But that’s okay, it preserves my niche. The questions s/he asks are fantastic and have already given me some food for thought in my own reading.

EDIT (6 June, 2013): I’ve been reading A Skeptic’s Journey a lot more lately, and it’s been really bothering me how much s/he will borrow from David Plotz’s blog without giving credit. It’s overt enough that sometimes her/his paraphrasing reads more like direct quotes, and s/he’ll even use Plotz’s jokes, but without giving credit or in any way indicating that the words and ideas aren’t her/his own. It’s disappointing since s/he does seem to have some interesting and original ideas – or, at least, I think they’re original, but who knows?