Just for fun, I’ve calculated the year of the flood based on the genealogy from Chapter 5 and the age of Noah from Chapter 7. Here’s the timeline I’m working with:

  • Adam: 130 when Seth is born.
  • Seth: 105 when Enosh is born.
  • Enosh: 90 when Kenan is born.
  • Kenan: 70 when Mahalalel is born.
  • Ma-hal’alel: 65 when Jared is born.
  • Jared: 162 when Enoch is born.
  • Enoch: 65 when Methuselah is born.
  • Methu’selah: 187 when Lamech is born.
  • Lamech: 182 when Noah is born.
  • Noah: 600 when the flood begins (Gen. 7:6).

Based on this, the flood began in the year 1,656. Now you are enlightened.

EDIT: Something just occurred to me. Given the above numbers, and given that Methuselah’s age at death is given as 969, it seems that he died in (or very close to) the flood.