• “The Bible explicitly states that homosexuality is a sin!”
  • “The Bible explicitly states that a wife is to submit to her husband!”
  • “The Bible explicitly states that purple is the best colour!”

I think we’ve all heard some variation on this theme. But do the claims stack up? Unsettled Christianity and Exploring Our Matrix have proposed a new game: “What does the Bible explicitly state?”

The rules are simple:

  1. If the passage is contradicted elsewhere in the Bible, then the Bible does not “explicitly state” that.
  2. The interpretation must be within the range of meaning of the words used in the original language.

PS: Drs Hector Avalos, Robert Cargill, and Kenneth Atkinson have an article in the Iowa View about what the Bible does (and does not) say about homosexuality that’s worth reading. It’s nothing that anyone who would bother spending time reading this blog wouldn’t be familiar with, but it bears repeating.