Back in the halcyon days of 2011, my local atheist group tried to make a podcast. Of course, as is the way of such things, we only got a few episodes out before everyone lost interest and scattered, but we did manage to get a couple of cool interviews in. More specifically, I had the wonderful honour of interviewing Vyckie Garrison for our second episode.

Vyckie Garrison is the editor of No Longer Quivering, a mother of seven, and formerly a Quiverful believer. Don’t know what Quiverful is? Well, you’ll just have to listen to the interview!

Click here to listen to the full thing. The interview begins at around 26:30.

As a side note, Vyckie is an absolutely wonderful – and very clever – person. I had the pleasure of meeting her when she came to speak at the Eschaton2012 conference. We also managed to get her speech, so you can check it out on YouTube: