Numbers 28-29 lists the various sacred holidays and the required sacrifices that are to be made, largely repeating information from Leviticus 23. It’s essentially a bullet-point list without the bullet-points, so I won’t repeat it here.

To make things a little easier for you visual learners, here’s a nifty illustration of the feasts that I shamelessly nabbed from

Numbers 28-29 - Feast Days


If you’d like to look the feasts up for yourself, here are the verses:

  • Sabbath offerings: Num. 28:9-10
  • Monthly offerings: Num. 28:11-15
  • Passover: Num. 28:16-25
  • Feast of weeks: Num. 28:26-31
  • Feast of trumpets: Num. 29:1-6
  • Day of atonement: Num. 29:7-11
  • Feast of tabernacles: Num. 29:12-39