I’m helping to organize a debate/discussion between Richard Carrier and Zeba Crook on whether or not Jesus was a real, historical figure. The debate will be held on April 5, in Ottawa, ON, and you can see the Facebook event page here.

Jesus of Nazareth

There’s a few aspects of this event that I think really make it special. Perhaps the most obvious is that neither guest will be taking a position of faith (and, in fact, both are personally atheists). We are also asking both guests to provide their speaking notes to the other guest at least two weeks before the event so that responses can be more informed and considered – since one of my pet peeves about the debate format is that the ability to think on one’s feet scores more points than having the more informative response for the audience. We’ve also tried to pick fairly evenly matched guests, so it won’t be a professional against a crank, for example (though Earl Doherty is local and would have been quite a bit cheaper to get!).

I’m very excited about this event, and doing just about everything in my power to make sure that it will be recorded and – eventually – posted online (I will, of course, post links here once that happens). If you happen to be in the Ottawa area, or can make it, I hope that you’ll come out!

And if you make it out, please do make sure to stop by any of the info/merch desks and let them know that you follow this blog. I’d love to meet readers!


EDIT: The video is now online!