assetContentA friend recently posted this Raw Story article about musician Stef Conner’s attempt to recreate ancient Babylonian music:

So she teamed up with Andy Lowings, who reconstructs ancient instruments and plays a mean lyre, a musical instrument with strings that resembles a harp. The two set out to create music that brings ancient Babylonian poetry to life, and The Flood is the result. It was produced by sound engineer Mark Harmer and can be found on Conner’s website; it will also come out on iTunes next month.

The article also includes some of Conner’s songs, and they are hauntingly beautiful. The instrumental accompaniment is very understated, letting Conner’s gorgeous voice take centre stage. The tunes are hypnotic, sounding a great deal like the ritual chants that much of the music likely was.

You can also listen to the music on Conner’s website.