A few days ago, one of my posts was picked up by a website called ChristianOrigins.com. Clicking through, I found an apparently new site (the archive didn’t go back more than a few days) that aggregates blog posts related to biblical studies from all over the web. It’s a great site, and I’ve found a number of interesting reads from blogs that aren’t in my Feedly. But there was no about page, no information about who actually made or maintains the site. It was rather odd.

That is until James McGrath posted about the site, revealing its creator to be Peter Kirby! So there’s one more mystery I don’t have to worry about dying before solving.

As I said, I’m really enjoying the site. It’s a great resource, and I think Kirby for all the work it must have taken to set up. In particular, I like the daily headlines posted here. It’s nice to have a tidy list to scan through before bed, just to see if anything piques my interest.