My mom had a tape of Kate Bush’s The Kick Inside album in the car that we listened to (in rotation with Maxime Le Forestier) every time we drove. I’ve rediscovered Bush recently while procrastinating on YouTube, and she is amazing. Since my gentleman friend handed me a pair of earphones when I started listening to her – that look of insistence in his eyes – I’m now in search of another audience to share my new fandom with.

Everything is wonderful about her. Absolutely wonderful.

In other news, we’ve been having a lovely summer. Most recently, we’ve just returned from a fantastic camping trip in the middle of the middle of nowhere. Not to brag, but the young one made it through a 4km hike without asking to be carried. Not even once!

August tends to be the month of our royal progress, so I’ve been trying to write as many blog posts as possible in preparation. My computer access will be spotty, and I don’t want to eat through my buffer again! I am already halfway through 1 Chronicles, though, so I should be fine.

So far, I’ve actually really enjoyed the book. I realize that the first eight chapters are considered soul-crushing, but there’s a zen aspect to sitting down with two (or more) lists of unfamiliar names, trying to find discrepancies. And now that I’m into the narrative portions, I’m finding the same thing again since much of the material is a retelling (with variations) of 1-2 Samuel.

I hope that everyone else is having a good summer (or winter, for any other-hemispherians who may be reading)!