There's also a live action movie featuring Kirk Cameron, a.k.a. Bananaman's BFF!

There’s also a live action movie featuring Kirk Cameron, a.k.a. Bananaman’s BFF!

Left Behind is a best-selling novel series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins about the end of the world. The series begins with the Rapture, when all the True Christians and all children suddenly disappear. This heralds the beginning of the Tribulation, a period of seven years before the final destruction of the world.

The series is something of a phenomenon, drawing heavily on Hal Lindsey’s The Late, Great Planet Earth for its sequence of events, rather than the more obvious source of the Bible. In fact, what struck me the most about the series is just how tangential the Bible actually is to the events described in the series – despite the authors’ claim that the series shows how Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled.

But I won’t say more about it because what I really wanted to do was advertise Slacktivist’s reading. The very definition of “taking one for the team,” Fred Clark has been live blogging the series for some time now.

Clark’s take is particularly interesting because, as a Christian himself, he’s able to point out the theological absurdities of the series as well as the more common criticisms as being poorly written, badly plotted, completely lacking in verisimilitude, and containing some of the most astoundingly Mary Sue-ish characters around.

Beware, though, that Slacktivist’s posts about Left Behind can be somewhat addicting.