avatar1I am an atheist stay-at-home parent and Bible hobbyist with a lifelong interest in world religions and mythologies. It all began when, as a bairn, I received my very own copy of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, which piqued my fancy with its fantastical – and frequently gruesome – stories of gods and monsters and heroes.

In my formal education, I began my GCE studies (a Britishism essentially meaning the focus of one’s studies during the equivalent of high school) in Religious Studies, before my plans were interrupted by a move across the pond. I resumed as a university student, minoring in Religions (with a major in English Literature and another half minor in Psychology). My focus then was on New Testament studies, but the choice was mostly informed by the wonderful, funny, entertaining, and rather personable professor who taught it.

In addition to reading the Bible, I also read other things. I also enjoy painting space-scapes (like landscapes, but of outer space), playing with perler beads, and writing fiction.

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